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I strive to design each object with the intention of creating timeless pieces that is well made in every detail.

Only purchase objects responsibly. Do not buy an item if you have no use in it or do not intend to care for it. Strive to be content with less and utilize items as much as possible. I aim to create well-crafted pieces with a long-lasting value and with minimum waste and low carbon footprint.

Making objects made out of durable materials to be used everyday. It is strong and enduring with a goal to last and that can be passed down through generations.

The objects is all made by hand in the studio or by local glassblowers in small factories in Sweden, with expertise in traditional methods of crafting glass by hand.

Made out of stoneware or porcelain (otherwise stated). All the clay material that is used in the making is reused and made again. The glaze chemicals is collected and disposed in a responsible way and never thrown out into nature.

The glassware is made of lead-free hardened fine crystal. Sweden has a long tradition within its glass production history. I want to continue this tradition in local craftsmanship and only produce glass made in Sweden. Most of the glass is recycled within the factory and reused and have responsibly-sourced materials. I continuously strive to implement practices that further these values.

Recycled and biodegradable materials is used in the packaging and in the studio where practicable, and continuously look for ways to be more conscious of my environmental impact.


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